Mexico Becoming Increasingly Popular Market for Car Manufacturers

According to the latest WTSP 10 News article, Mexico is anticipated to build one in four cars in a North American industry of 18.6 million units. Lista Auto Shop Storage

Of the cars built in North America in 2015, Mexico produced about one in five – or double the rate from 2004, as reported by WardsAuto in the article.

Mexico is a “massive untapped market” set to grow by another 1 million to 2 million vehicles a year. The supply base there has also improved its quality, reports the article. 

As the domestic market expands, Mexico’s ports and trade agreements with 45 countries have helped establish it as a forerunner in the export hub to Europe, South America, and the rest of North America. The U.S. has about 20 trade agreements and Canada has just a fraction of Mexico’s pacts, says the article.

Mexico has witnessed a 40% increase in auto jobs since 2008, compared to only a 15% increase in the U.S. during the same period, reports the article.

However, the U.S. will still hold its own at two-thirds of the North American output (12.2 million cars), while Canada is expected to build 9% of the output (1.6 million cars) by 2020, reports the article.

"The U.S. will be fine, at least over the next five years," says industry analyst for WardsAuto Haig Stoddard in the article. "Production will stay here, especially of larger vehicles. There will be a lot of new capacity in the South, and it is needed. The North will hum along at current levels for the next five years."

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