Pre-Configured Storage Products

Want a configurable Lista storage product, but don't want to have to configure it from scratch? Lista's Easy-Order Program means easy ordering of a number of our pre-configured storage products. We show you a variety of our most popular configurations. You choose the base, lock and color (depending on the product) to customize for your use. It's that Easy!

Stationary and Mobile Storage Cabinets

A huge selection of our most popular models.

Shelf Cabinets

Hinged door and sliding door models.

CNC and Machine Tool Cabinets

Heavy-duty storage cabinets with built-in tool holders.

Sink Cabinets

Cabinets to house sinks and plumbing.

Shelf Converter® systems

Add drawer storage to industrial shelving.

Tool Crib Cabinets

Preconfigured for storing perishable tooling.

Computer Cabinets

Cabinets protect computers and peripherals.

Control Station

Mini shop floor office.

File Cabinets

2-, 3- and 4-drawer models.

CNC Tool Transporters

Store and transport CNC tooling.

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