Our workspace designs use ergonomic principles to minimize injuries and maximize productivity

Lista ergonomic workstation

Twisting, lifting, bending, reaching – these movements can waste time and put unnecessary stress on your workers. Repetitive motion injuries and other work-related musculoskeletal conditions drive workers' compensation costs up and productivity down. That's why Lista is passionate about workspace design using ergonomic principles to minimize the risk of injuries while maximizing production throughput.



Get in the zone.

Lista ergonomic reach zone

Work is handled most efficiently when kept within areas defined as primary reach zones. These are the horizontal and vertical areas that a worker can reach with minimal arm, head, or trunk movement. Moving away from these primary zones requires more movement, and ultimately more time. Our ergonomic solutions help keep most work tasks focused within these reach zones.

Designing solutions that fit.

Lista ergonomic workstation accessories

Just as each job is different, so is each worker. Lista has a full range of ergonomic solutions that match the worker and the environment:

  • Align® Adjustable Height Workstations can be raised or lowered between shift changes or as tasks change.
  • Modular Arlink® 8000 Workstations have components and accessories that can be rearranged quickly and easily.
  • Nexus System articulating arms position process components within easy reach.
  • VSI accessories allow any manufacturer's workbench to take advantage of Arlink 8000 accessories.
  • Storage products with full-extension drawers give access to a drawer's complete contents while roll-out trays make reaching bulky items stored at the back of the tray stress-free.

By keeping workflow compact and organized, there is less stress on your workers and more efficiency in your operation.

Understanding how to Make Workspace Work

With any task, selecting the proper tool is crucial. The key is to understand the work process and employees' safety needs involved. To determine which Lista products are correct for your application, it's important to ask the right questions:

  • Does the work process involve handling heavy, bulky or awkward products?
  • Is there a high product mix, with many product changeovers per day?
  • Will workstations be integrated with material flow – with racks or conveyors, for example?
  • Is there frequent job rotation, employees from different shifts or departments sharing a work area?
  • Will employees work alone, back-to-back or in teams?
  • Does a workstation need to include power tools, computer equipment, supplemental lighting or storage space?

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