Nobody puts your Storage Wall® System together like Lista.

Looking to build as you go? Storage Wall® Systems let you add on endlessly. Each starter section consists of a pair of matched height vertical side frames joined with appropriate width top and bottom universal panels. For lateral stability, rear panels or diagonal sway braces are fastened to the side frames. Rear and end panels can be used to enclose the sections.

Want to keep going? Add a vertical side frame and the appropriate universal panels for the section width you are adding. Sections can be added at any time in the future. All components for both full and shallow depth Storage Wall® Systems can be ordered separately.

Free Design Assistance: Looking for highly customized solution? Our free ListaWorks™ design service is what you need. Our designers will work with you to plan out your commercial wall storage and mezzanine needs, providing you with the specific storage solution to help you achieve the greatest productivity. 

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