Lista has combined a workbench, bookshelf and cabinet into one lockable workspace.

Looking for an all-in-one control center that's compact, flexible and secure? The Lista Control Station is a unique combination of a workbench, bookshelf and cabinet that creates a private, lockable workspace with organized storage and ready access to manuals and tools. It protects expensive computer equipment, instruments and gauges from dust and dirt. And pegboard and shelves let you keep books and tools close at hand. Its storage cabinets can be outfitted with modular drawers in a variety of sizes.

Product Details:

Lista control stations
Suitable for a wide range of applications
Lista control station door option
Lockable slide-down tambour door
Lista control station modular drawers
Modular drawers
Lista control station power option
Openings in pegboard
Lista control station built in lighting option
Built-in lighting
Lista control station heights
Sized just right

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